Sunday, July 22, 2012

July's Collection II

Chiffon Silk Top,RM69.90

Two Toned Top,RM55.90

Long Printed Dress,RM79.90

Long Printed Dress,RM89.90

Floral Cotton Dress,RM69.90

Sateen Striped Dress,RM69.90

Scoop Neck Printed Dress,RM69.90

Long Sleeve Printed Dress,RM79.90

Long Printed Dress,RM79.90

Boat Neck Striped Dress,RM69.90


StylishedForever said...

These are awesome!!

NickSmithlove said...


NickSmithlove said...

I made the long Cheap Bodycon Dresses
form about 4" longer than the pattern since I wanted a bit of height