Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Closing Down Clearance

Dear Friends

We will be closing down our outlet in USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya by end of this month and we are having clearance sale of more than 50% discount on all items! Please pay us a visit or send us an online order to You will be receiving your items right to your doorstep!

Kindly refer to the below link for our latest collection:


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

July's Collection II

Chiffon Silk Top,RM69.90

Two Toned Top,RM55.90

Long Printed Dress,RM79.90

Long Printed Dress,RM89.90

Floral Cotton Dress,RM69.90

Sateen Striped Dress,RM69.90

Scoop Neck Printed Dress,RM69.90

Long Sleeve Printed Dress,RM79.90

Long Printed Dress,RM79.90

Boat Neck Striped Dress,RM69.90

July's Collection I

Chiffon Silk Dress,RM69.90

V Neck Mini Printed Dress,RM69.90

Two Toned Fitted Dress,RM59.90

Leopard Print Dress,RM59.90

Chiffon Maxi Dress,RM89.90

Plain Sleeveless Dress,RM 79.90

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June's Collection I

Two Toned Fitted Dress, RM69.90
Silk Top, RM69.90

Two Toned Fitted Dress, RM69.90
Plain Chiffon Top, RM69.90
Two Toned Cap Sleeve Fitted Dress, RM59.90
Plain Drape Dress, RM59.90
Folded Cap Sleeve Printed Dress, RM69.90

Two Toned Office Dress, RM69.90
Leopard Print Drape Dress, RM79.90

Long Sleeve Drape Dress, RM79.90

Scoop Neck Printed Dress, RM69.90

Mini Twisted Printed Dress, RM69.90
Floral Chiffon Top, RM69.90

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New for March IV

Picture 328
Multi Toned Mini Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 239
V Neck Printed Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 245
Long Printed Dress,Rm 79.90

Picture 304
Cotton Summer Dress,Rm 69.90

Picture 263
Long Sleeve Plain Dress,Rm 79.90 ( high grade material)

Picture 277
Chiffon Two Toned Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 271
Two Toned Mini Dress,Rm 69.90

Picture 320
Long Printed dress, Rm 79.90

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New for March II

Picture 102
Polka Dot Top,RM 59.90

Picture 009
Peak Sleeve Plain Top( Lycra),RM 59.90

Picture 097
X Halter Printed Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 021
Multi Toned Chiffon Top,RM 59.90

Picture 088
V Neck Plain Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 047
Spaghetti Printed Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 073
Two Toned Tube Dress,RM 79.90 ( high grade material)
Picture 065
Long Printed Dress,RM 79.90

New for March I

Picture 203
Plain Fitted Dress,RM 79.90

Picture 113
Plain Office Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 197
High Neck Printed Dress,RM 69.90

 Picture 118
Chiffon Mini Dress,RM 59.90

 Picture 162
Cotton Polka Dot Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 124
Polka dot Chiffon Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 154
Two Toned Chiffon Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 135
Cotton Polka Dot Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 149
Two Toned Office Dress,RM 69.90