Thursday, June 18, 2009

Must have in your closet!!

Picture 597
Maxi V-Neck Printed Dress RM89.90

Picture 302
Boatneck Printed Dress RM59.90

Picture 278
Mini Printed Dress RM59.90

Picture 276
Kimono Printed Dress RM59.90

Picture 252
Plain Stripe Two-Toned RM 59.90


Zara in Germany said...

nice, layla..sizes dia cene?

topspot said...

hi Zara, it's all free size dear.... :-)

dbab said...

cantik..cik hanis manis menggayakan bertambah cantikkk :)

Anonymous said...

layla, i'm interested with the boatneck mini dress..can i see the item first before make any purchase?



hi sophia,

Yes, sure. Just drop by at our boutique in uptown, damansara.

A M E L I A said...

Kimono Printed Dress..