Thursday, March 8, 2012

New for March I

Picture 203
Plain Fitted Dress,RM 79.90

Picture 113
Plain Office Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 197
High Neck Printed Dress,RM 69.90

 Picture 118
Chiffon Mini Dress,RM 59.90

 Picture 162
Cotton Polka Dot Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 124
Polka dot Chiffon Dress,RM 59.90

Picture 154
Two Toned Chiffon Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 135
Cotton Polka Dot Dress,RM 69.90

Picture 149
Two Toned Office Dress,RM 69.90


Marica said...

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Pooja Roy Delhi said...

l ike to read your post thanks you so very much