Monday, May 26, 2008

The Dresses

Maxi Printed Dress, RM89.90

Chiffon Dress, RM49.90
Clutch, RM49.90

Satin Dress, RM49.90
Retro Necklace, RM19.90

Mini Printed Dress, RM54.90

Halter Dress, RM55.90
Bangle, RM9.90


Mini Printed Dress, RM54.90
Necklace, RM15.90


Anonymous said...

cantik collections...


Horge said...

Hrmmm...nak berkenalan dgn model die bley tak ?

lvynana said...

cantik nyer!

Nurshirley Kamilia said...

maxi dress tu still available ke?

Niviey16 said...

is the red clutch still available coz it's been months rite.