Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New! New! New!

Long Printed Dress, 69.90


Maxi Printed Dress, RM 89.90

Fitted Shift Dress in Black & White, RM 79.90
Handbag in grey, RM 49.90


Maxi Printed Dress, RM 89.90


Cotton Maxi Halter Dress, RM 89.90

One off Shoulder, RM 59.90
(Available in white,turquoise,purple,brown)
Croc Skin Belt, RM 19.90

Round Neck Printed Dress, RM 59.90

Slim Fit Dress,RM 79.90
(Available in black,orange, purple,white)

Mini Printed Dress, RM 54.90


shasya said...

omg! suke round neck printed dress tuh ..

shasya said...

klu ikut federal hway nk turun simpang aper ek? pls pls bg direction. nk bli gak yg round neck printed dress tuh.
email me direction:



Hi Shasya,

Pls check your mail box.


nuruLito said...


Field Engineer Mangkuk said...

nak beli untuk yg tersayang. saiz xs ada tak?


Hi Field engineer,

Semua free size..mesti ok punye..:))

liana said... farah fauzana la model ni...hehe =)

nuruLito said...

fara fauzana?haih!jauh skali..

ezo said...

at an angle, i say it a "yes".

Nonetheless, im my opinion, i more focus on the model rather than the fashion itself. Hee.. She looks awesomely cute.. BTW, the dresses look trendy but I am not the Fashion Police who knows whether they're just fashion statement or otherwise. Coz i'm a sucky fashion observer.. heee...

To the model, keep up modelling.. :)