Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stylish & Hot!!

Picture 229
Plain Bat Wing, RM 59.90
3Q Pants, RM 49.90

Picture 221
Long Printed Dress, RM 79.90

Picture 175
Wrap around plain dress, RM 79.90

Picture 163
Plain Long sleeve, RM 59.90

Picture 122
Plain fitted dress w shrug, RM 79.90


Anonymous said...

Salam -

Yang, plain long sleeve tu memang ada belt k?


The belt is priced at RM 39.90 and on 10 % discount

Brenda Ang said...

Hi, I like the one that Hanis is wearing, the second picture in her blog. I couldn't find it here. Was wondering if you still have it. Do get back to me. Thank you. My email address Thank you.


hi brenda,

Regret to inform you that the dress is no longer available. But we do have it in different prints. :)

Anonymous said...

hi there

i like the one yg hanis pakai white color picture number 2 .. ada lagi tak,,


Anonymous said...

hello. the 4th baju, plain long sleeve tu still available tak? are there any other colours?

Anonymous said...

seksi nye nyah

Waheeda said...

Hi-is the plain long sleeve available?

Azie Aziz said...


is Plain long sleeve still available? I really want it.