Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Instant Style

Picture 1075
Spaghetti Printed Dress, RM 59.90

Picture 1029
Maxi Halter Cotton Dress, RM 89.90

Picture 993
Plain V Neck Dress, RM 59.90
Stylish Belt, RM 39.90

Picture 1010
Cotton Printed Shirt, RM 49.90

Picture 1087
One Off Shoulder Top, RM 59.90

Picture 1000
Halter Printed Dress, RM 59.90

Picture 1109
Wrap Around Dress w Belt, RM 79.90

Picture 980
Printed Bat Wing Style, RM 59.90

Picture 1163
Ruffle Mini Printed Dress, RM 59.90

Picture 1122
Ruffle Button Top, Rm 49.90
Fitted Mini Skirt, RM 59.90


lya said...

the 6th pic dress.ade tak yang long dress?yg sampai bawah.boleh x upload a pic of it if its available..nk try tgk.thx.


Hi Iya,

Yes, we do have it in maxi dress . Pls email us at layla.layla.wardrobe@gmail.com