Friday, October 16, 2009

October Specials! Enjoy 20% Off! (III)

Picture 316
Spaghetti Cotton Dress w lining, RM 69.90

Picture 337
Stylish Printed Dress, RM 59.90

Picture 373
Office Dress, RM 59.90
Quilted Shoulder Handbag, RM 89.90
Butterfly Belt, RM 39.90

Picture 354
Mini Printed Dress, RM 59.90
PVC Clutch, RM 49.90

Picture 393
Ruffle Cardigan, RM 49.90
Hot Pants, RM 39.9o0


amrit said...

hi, im referring to the
'Friday, August 7, 2009
Dress it up!' post..

is the 'spaghetti x printed' dress still available? if it is, what size does it come in??

im attendin a party with 'hawaii' theme soon, and would really love to purchase that dress, plz get back to me asap :)


hi amrit,

sorry, the dress is no longer available...but we do have it in a different print. please click on the link below:

if u r interested, please send us ur order to